The fate of the CNNI simulcasts

CNN Newsroom from CNNI has been simulcast on CNN Domestic on and off for some time now. It started nonstop during the rolling MH370 coverage (where weekdays, Rosemary Church and John Vause would anchor four hour marathons), and then there was a brief break… and then MH17 and the Israel/Palestine situation, and since then, there has been no pause to the simulcasts from CNNI.

Weekdays, CNN takes CNNI from either midnight to 4am, or 1am to 4am, with the midnight hour repeating the 9pm ET hour. On weekends, CNN takes CNNI at either 2 or 3am, depending on the day.

In what may be the best thing (only thing?) Jeff Zucker has done for CNN, it seems the simulcasts MAY be safe for the long haul.

Here’s the opening paragraph to CNNI anchor Rosemary Church’s bio:

Rosemary Church is an award-winning anchor for CNN International, with more than 25 years of experience covering major global events. She can be seen on CNNI in the morning across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and in the afternoon across Asia and Australia. Her shows are also simulcast in the United States on CNN/US from 9pm-1am PT.

CNN rarely edits their bios, so for them to have added a line about the simulcasts make me almost certain they’re sticking around — for a while, anyways.

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