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CNN to stop airing in Russia

CNN will cease to be broadcast in Russia on December 31st, 2014.

The Interpreter has the story:

Turner Broadcasting System Europe, Ltd., a subsidiary of Time Warner, which owns CNN, informed cable operators in a letter obtained by Vedomosti that it will discontinue broadcasts. Cable operators Vymplekom and Akado confirmed they had received the letter. No reason was stated for the discontinuation of CNN in Russia.


One source said that CNN may have decided to end its Russian version because ad sales were poor in Russia, although there was no confirmation of this claim from Roskomnadzor, said Vedomosti.

UPDATE (3:50pm) — Mashable has some more details:

A Turner spokesperson said the decision was made following the passage of new media laws in Russia.

“Turner International is assessing its distribution options for CNN in Russia in light of recent changes in Russian media legislation,” the statement said. “We are bringing our existing distribution relationships to an end while we do that. We hope to re-enter the market in due course, and will notify our partners of any update about resuming these services. The CNN Moscow bureau operation remains unaffected.”

(H/t HuffPost Media)


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