New Day Success: With or without Camerota?

It would be logical to assume that bringing Alisyn Camerota to New Day would improve the show’s pitiful ratings.

Logical… but not actually true.

In the month of September (when anchor Kate Bolduan was at work [though the final week of September was a rotation of Brooke Baldwin and Brianna Keilar]), CNN’s morning block averaged 104,000 demo viewers. (Which, for a monthly demo average, put them in third place, just ahead of MSNBC).

From October 6th to November 6th, when Alisyn Camerota was anchoring New Day, the program had a monthly average of 99,500 viewers.

(For comparison, HLN had 108,000 in September and 112,000 in October; MSNBC had 102,000 in September and 91,000 in October; and Fox had 262,000 in September and 284,000 in October).

What’s the problem, then?

Perhaps CNN brass should acknowledge it isn’t the morning women who are the problem… Maybe it’s anchor Chris Cuomo?

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Although Alisyn originally said she only had two weeks left on New Day (which would have put last Friday as her final day), I’ve been told she will actually be on the program this week as well.

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  1. Alison camerata is a better fit for the others. kate in my opinion, as smart as she is, always comes across as being stiff. I like chris, just adorable hope the show increases its viewers.

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