Soni Methu Q&A

Soni Methu, a fairly new CNN hire (having joined July 21st) and the host of Inside Africa, answered a few brief questions from TV with Thinus.

Q: What do you enjoy about being the new presenter and host of the weekly Inside Africa on CNN International?

Soni: So far the best is the travelling across the continent and meeting so many influential people who are making such a huge difference across Africa. So travelling and meeting wonderful people everywhere.

Q: Why do you think that a programme such as Inside Africa is important to be on television, and especially on a globally watched TV news channel like CNN International?

Soni: Well, Inside Africa gives viewers across the world the positive stories about Africa and its people.

Just like everyone’s life where it’s important to have a “feel good” thing about you, so while the most stories getting coverage is not always very positive, Inside Africa is a show where viewers can see the positive things happening across Africa, that there’s so much beauty, growth, development and wonderful talent happening right now in the whole of Africa.

Inside Africa is a weekly passport to that.

Q: You’re the next in the line of succession after Isha and Errol and now viewers are seeing you as the face of Inside Africa. For young girls watching you, people seeing you in their homes, and who maybe also want to go into television or become a TV presenter, what advice would you have for them?

Soni: Just be yourself. Don’t listen to other people wanting to tell you who you should be or how you should be, or why you should be different. If you are just yourself, if you’re true to yourself that’s the best thing you can do to join the TV industry and to be good in the industry.
It’s good to have someone to admire and to look up to, but stick to who you are.

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