$$$ Matters

Yesterday morning, my morning show of choice Morning Express thumped sibling New Day (144,000 demo viewers to 60,000 demo viewers, per TV By the Numbers). You can see how the two shows did head-to-head in June and in July.

HLN’s morning show’s team makes significantly less (and does significantly better) than CNN’s morning show. In fact, CNN president Jeff Zucker had a new studio made for his new show, New Day. Meanwhile, Morning Express comes from a severely outdated studio in CNN Center (though they will be moving into CNN’s Studio 7 soon).

Money matters. Let’s crunch some numbers…

The main morning show HLN anchor Robin Meade makes an estimated salary of $750,000.

The business correspondent for HLN, Jennifer Westhoven, meanwhile, makes an estimated salary of $200,000.

In comparison, CNN morning lead anchor Chris Cuomo has an impressive salary of $2.5million.

CNN morning show newsreader Michaela Pereira earns a salary of approximately $600,000.

So while HLN’s Morning Express regularly outperforms CNN sibling New Day, the CNN morning show cast makes significantly more.

(Note: I couldn’t find any salary information for HLN’s Bob Van Dillen or Brian Mcfayden; or CNN’s Kate Bolduan or Indra Petersons).

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