CNN Today: my thoughts

As expected, Amara Walker and Michael Holmes did phenomenally. They had perfect chemistry and seemed to complement each other very well.

The new program, CNN Today, replaces CNN Newsroom Live from Hong Kong with Andrew Stevens (and Patricia Wu, though she has left CNN).

It airs from 5-7:30pm ET. It contains a strong mix of news, a bit of side-chatter between the anchors, a few weather segments from CNNI meteorologist Tom Sater, and a built-in World Sport program, presented by Patrick Snell.

While the show as a whole was wonderful, I dislike the built-in World Sport; it is supposed to appear as a “show-within-a-show” and I’m not a fan of that whatsoever. Newsroom from Hong Kong did their sport segments better — they just made it into a report…not an entire fifteen minute mini-show. (Patrick Snell presented the sport updates from 5:45-5:57 and from 6:45-6:58.)

So, with a little less sports… It will be a perfect show.

Watch some clips below:

Top of the hour…

Bottom of the hour…

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