CNN loves Bourdain

An unexpected second hour of CNN Tonight occurred, preempting the 11pm repeat of Anderson Cooper 360. The second hour was dedicated almost completely to covering the press conference out of Pennsylvania about having captured the cop-killer. CNN’s Miguel Marquez was at the presser.

CNN’s coverage was solid. The only downside was Don Lemon was anchoring from Ferguson—not in studio. He was in Ferguson to cover the Mike Brown case, but considering there are no actual developments in the case and since this news broke out of Pennsylvania, it seemed odd to go to an anchor in Missouri.

But that’s all beside the point…

CNN preempted the AC360 repeat, as I said. And, at midnight? Instead of preempting Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and joining CNNI’s Newsroom with Errol Barnett and Natalie Allen, CNN went to tape.

(CNN will, however, simulcast the 1-4am hours of Newsroom.)

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