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Bourdain went to Iran

CNN wants everyone to know that their chef went to Iran. And, they’re willing to talk about it nonstop…

The press release from Wednesday:

Iran (Nov. 2) Bourdain and his crew take their long-awaited inaugural trip to Iran exploring Tehran and Isfahan, and sites that include Imam Square, the Borje Milad, mosques, and ancient caravanserai. The cuisine includes Dizi, Fesenjan, Biryani, and Tahdig. Local guides for this tour include Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian and his wife Yeganeh Salehi, who were subsequently detained by the Iranian government.

Wolf Blitzer tweeted out a tease today on his eponymous 1pm program…

Not to be outdone, AC360 is also discussing it…

On Fareed Zakaria GPS (so the day Parts Unknown will air), there will also be a segment on it…

By the time Sunday’s episode of Bourdain comes around, you won’t even need to watch it: CNN will have aired enough of it throughout their news hours that you’ll know the gist of it.


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