Peter Hamby Feature

Peter Hamby, CNN Digital’s national political reporter and the host of the Hambycast mini-clips (and occasional panelist on Inside Politics with John King), was featured by Richmond Magazine.

Even though Hamby is based out of CNN’s Washington bureau, a sleek, open-plan office with at least four or five TV and computer screens per person, his two-minute-long Hambycasts are filmed in other states: Iowa and South Carolina, so far, with New Hampshire, North Carolina and other states on the horizon. They draw on his familiarity with the campaign trail, as well as a humorous approach to the circus surrounding candidates or near-candidates like Hillary Clinton and Rick Perry.

“If you’re a source reporter, this is the stage when you find out the little secrets the campaigns don’t want you to find out. I made an effort to get to know the interns and the field staff,” he says, noting they may not know everything but they would be well acquainted with their piece of the campaign. And, crucially, they’re often more willing to talk than the people in charge.

“They give me a lot of freedom,” Hamby says of CNN, although it was hard-earned. In 2009, when he returned from embed duty, “they didn’t know what to do with me.” So, this was an opportunity to create a job covering politics outside the beltway, which Hamby continues to do.

Read the rest of the lengthy feature at Richmond Magazine.

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