Dropped from CNN’s Election Coverage

Erin Burnett has been noticeably left out of CNN’s election night coverage.

It’s possible she will make an appearance, though highly unlikely. Flashback to 2012, and she was mentioned by name (along with a laundry list of other reporters and contributors included throughout the release):

Anchors Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper from Washington, with Candy Crowley from Boston and Erin Burnett from the hotly contested state of Ohio, will lead ‘Election Night in America’ coverage beginning at 6 p.m.

Erin Burnett, however… has been beating CNN’s star Anderson Cooper! Last night (Monday), her demo viewers surpassed all of CNN’s talent (4p-12a).

I have reached out to CNN for comment and will update as necessary.

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  1. You’re right in saying Burnett wasn’t mentioned in the press release; but Crowley was. From the press release:
    “In addition, chief congressional correspondent Dana Bash and chief political correspondent Candy Crowley will offer their campaign experience and insight late into the evening.”

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