CNNI plans Berlin Wall coverage

Hala Gorani, CNNI’s London-based primetime anchor of The World Right Now, will be at the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie on November 7th, along with correspondent Fredrik Pleitgen.

Full press release is below…

In the run-up to the occasion, CNN International will present a Made in Germany theme week. Beginning on 27 October, special reports will highlight the nation’s economic development, examining topics such as car production, mittelstand companies, and factories of the future.
From Stuttgart to Gottingen and Dresden to Duderstadt, CNN’s Fred Pleitgen will meet the people and enterprises that have championed the ‘Made in Germany’ trademark and established the country as a home for smart business since the Wall fell 25 years ago. Online, a range of content will provide background stories and additional interactive information on the theme week and the companies featured.

On the anniversary weekend of 9 November, CNN anchor Hala Gorani will join Fred Pleitgen to broadcast live from the former East/West border at the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie. In 1989, CNN correspondent Jim Clancy reported live on the fall of the Wall. 25 years later, he will look back over CNN’s archive footage from this extraordinary day.

In addition, CNN’s citizen journalism platform, iReport, in a special cooperation with the German daily newspaper Tagesspiegel will be celebrating the best of today’s Berlin. Users are invited to tell their own Berlin stories by submitting their own pictures and reports from or about the city. From historical buildings, national dishes and local customs, andto the personalities and neighbourhoods that make today’s Berlin unique, the special report will tell the city’s story from its streets.

This dedicated coverage about Germany is part of CNN’s editorial focus this year looking at the Fall of the Wall. Programming has included historical context through landmark documentary series The Cold War and a focus on many of the countries across Europe and central Asia that rose up in the aftermath of this watershed moment in history.

“25 years ago, the world watched spellbound as events unfolded in Berlin”, says Mike McCarthy, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CNN International. “It’s hard to overstate the historical significance of those days, and we want to both mark the anniversary and show just what it has led to for modern Germany and the world. There will be a rich mixture of historical and contemporary content across TV and online, giving our audience a unique insight into the events of 1989 and their repercussions. Just as CNN journalists witnessed the fall of the Wall first hand, 25 years later we are tapping into current impressions of one of the world’s most fascinating cities.”

Notes to editors:

Made in Germany segments will air daily on CNN International during World Business Today and The World Right Now with Hala Gorani 27 October-31 October.

A 15-minute highlight Made in Germany show will air on CNN International on 31 October, with daily replays until 4 November.

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