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CNN drops the “NN”

BREAKING NEWS: CNN has decided to drop the “NN” from its name, deciding that news coverage simply isn’t worth it.

Okay… Maybe not.

However, Jeff Zucker didn’t discount the possibility of adding another type of film — scripted (as opposed to unscripted, which is supposedly what its current reality programming adheres to).

Variety has the story:

CNN is “open” to the idea of airing scripted movies under its CNN Films banner, CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker said on Monday.

Zucker made his remarks at a lunch in Los Angeles promoting upcoming CNN Films documentaries, which he called one of the three foundational components of the network’s lineup, along with breaking news and the regular series that have become an increasing part of its mix.

The CNN chief stressed that there were no imminent plans to order scripted movies, and acknowledged that “some people would find it odd” to see such fare on the news network. Still, he said in response to a question, “I would not be opposed to that.”

At least he acknowledges it’ll invite criticism…

CNN has expanded its presence in documentary-style series primarily as a hedge against the vagaries of the news cycle. Even so, as Zucker noted, introducing dramatic programming would likely invite criticism of the channel — already a lightning rod — in terms of potentially diluting its news brand.


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