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#FireCarolCostello is a thing

Social media is a very powerful thing. And as of yesterday, there is a hashtag (#FireCarolCostello) calling for CNN to fire Newsroom anchor Carol Costello. The anger came after she made some controversial remarks over Bristol Palin. But the outrage? Well, the actual outrage magnified tenfold after she apologized.

People are ticked. Here are a few samples:

In fact… There’s even a petition calling for her to be fired!

Now, will any of this change anything for her at CNN? Probably not.

(Disclaimer: I do not personally think this is an offense she should lose her job for. I don’t, however, like Carol, and would love to see her no longer anchor Newsroom.)


3 Comments on #FireCarolCostello is a thing

  1. I think Carol’s big mistake was not adding a brief disclaimer that while she thinks Bristol’s potty-mouth laced audio is hilarious she in no way condones a male physically abusing a female.

    Other than that, when the borderline classless Palin clan elicits mocking from cable news, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight and gossipy celebrity websites for being more like the Jersey Shore or the Real Housewives of New Jersey I don’t see that what Ms. Costello said was worthy of most of the faux outrage that she has received.

    When you act like stereotypical white trash you are going to encounter some level of criticism and ridicule. Seems like fair game to me.

    I would say to Costello critics from the tea party, most people ridiculing the Palins is not because of their politics — it’s because of their classless (but humorous) lifestyle. Get over it.

    • if it was your wife or daughter who was attacked by a male, would you say the same thing?

      Her so called ‘potty mouth’ was merely telling he cops what the bastards who attacked her and her sister were saying.. not her words.

      It is very sad you’re alive to spew such crap. …

      Freedom of speech allows you to be a classless idiot.

      Good Job Asshole

    • Oh yes, because right after I’ve been attacked and dragged across the grass I’m going to make sure to watch my language. Lol. She’s a fighter. She’s not like you liberals who prefer to lay down and die. What an idiotic thing to say from an obvious class war faring liberal. Yo,talking to Yo azz Michael Thal!

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