Wolf switches sets

Wolf Blitzer’s eponymous program, which airs at 1pm ET on CNN Domestic and on CNN International, has been using the Cap set for approximately two weeks. Wolf previously came from Studio A&B (where The Situation Room comes from). But recently, he has been using the Cap set — home to Inside Politics (weekdays, during New Day) and CNN en Español’s USA Directo.

There’s no word as to why he has switched studios, but seeing as the Cap set is significantly smaller, it is almost certainly cheaper to operate than the massive Studio A&B.

(Photo via Richard Wojcicki)

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  1. Not connected with this but nowhere else to put this:

    Well done to Amara Walker this afternoon she anchored for almost two hours during the Canadian attack and did a sterling job while CNN continued with it’s own show for whatever reason for 30 minutes they finally cut to CNNi about 3.15 and let Amara do her thing.

    Amara deserves her own show she is much better than Erin Or Ashleigh and is seriously underused by CNN.

    Why did CNN ignore the situation in Canada for so long while CNNi were on the ball?

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