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Erin Burnett: Ratings gold?

Has my absolute least favorite anchor after the noon hour suddenly begun to earn her two million dollar salary?

Most recently, Erin Burnett has done very well at 7pm, coming in solid at second, and even beating Greta Van Susteren on Fox News on Friday.

But Erin has also been outperforming CNN’s golden boy (and, coincidentally, another of my non-faves), Anderson Cooper, in the demo and overall viewers. AC360, while still consistently in second at 8pm, hasn’t been pulling in the numbers Erin does at 7pm. On some days when Anderson outperforms her in the demo, Erin manages to outperform him in total viewers. Take October 14th as an example. OutFront posted 152,000 demo viewers; AC360 had 163,000. Yet OutFront had 667,000 total viewers, to AC360‘s 443,000.

It’s taken some time (forever, actually), but maybe Erin is just what CNN needs to open primetime… And maybe Piers Morgan is right. Maybe Anderson shouldn’t be in primetime.


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