Nick Wrenn parts with CNN

Nick Wrenn is yet another executive parting ways with CNN. He was formerly the Vice President of digital services for CNN International, and he was based at CNN Center, Atlanta. Wrenn joined CNN in 2000.

Since parting with CNN, he will relocate to London, where he will work for Facebook.

TBIVision has the details of his new Facebook gig:

He will be head of media partnerships for the EMEA region at Facebook, working on the US-listed company’s relationships with media companies, journalists, celebrities and public figures across Europe.

Based in London, Wrenn will oversee the EMEA media partnerships team and report to Andy Mitchell, Facebook’s business development director.

Mitchell said: “Nick brings great experience in news and uniquely understands the management of dispersed teams. We’re excited to have him lead this growing team and support our media partners in the region across News, Sports and Entertainment.”

Wrenn joins from CNN where he worked in Atlanta and London across a 14-year stint at the news channel.

He said: “Facebook’s ability to bring people closer to each other, break down boundaries and give a powerful voice to so many people is inspiring and I’m excited to be part of this incredible change which is transforming newsrooms around the world.”

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