Shafted by CNN/US

Connect the World airs at 10aET/14GMT, immediately following State of the Union with Candy Crowley (and why that is simulcast on CNNI… I can’t even guess). At the end of each SOTU, Candy always throws to Fareed Zakaria GPS, despite the fact CNNI doesn’t air GPS until later in the day.

It would be nice if CNN Domestic would at least acknowledge their CNN International viewers. Candy could say, “For our International viewers, Connect the World is next.” And then, the awkward pause. “For our Domestic viewers, Fareed Zakaria GPS is next.”

The above scenario is usually what Wolf Blitzer does. At the end of The Situation Room (when it was simulcast), he would just say something like, “The news continues on CNN.” That sounds incredibly odd, but it worked well enough to transition into Erin Burnett OutFront on CNN, and Newsroom Live From Hong Kong on CNNI. Now that Wolf is permanently simulcast, he throws to Amanpour, followed by a pause (for CNNI to dip out), and then he throws to Brooke Baldwin.

Why can’t SOTU do the same, if only to not confuse CNNI viewers?

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  1. It is the old way CNN/US does. In the 90′, when CNN PrimeNews was about to end, Susan Rook say: Thank you, I am Susan Rook… pause for CNNI Control to end US signal… then she continues SportsTonight is next with more details…

    The same was with BusinessMorning and BusinessDay. Deborah Marchini or Stuart Varney did this too: ..:and that is Business day for this Monday, I am Stuart Varney and I am Deborah Marchini… pause to stop US signal to CNNI viewers then she continues… Daybreak is next and Bob Cain has a look ahead, Bob…

    Sometimes CNNI control did not stop this immediately, but seconds later đŸ™‚ So, we knew the show has continued with these words.

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