Talk Asia with Paula Newton

Talk Asia, which was formerly presented by Monita Rajpal, will have its first episode with a new host this week. Paula Newton will host a special episode on Japanese food.

This month CNN’s ‘Talk Asia’ goes on a culinary journey through Japan exploring the past and future of the nation’s much loved cuisine. In this special episode, CNN International correspondent Paula Newton meets Yoshiki Tsuji, the president of Japan’s largest and most prestigious cooking school, The Tsuji Culinary Institute. He talks about his passion for exporting Japanese culture to the rest of the world and shows Paula how to enjoy fine Japanese food the traditional way. CNN then visits one of the country’s best restaurants, ‘Kyoto Kitcho’ to experience its famed Kaiseki cuisine, renowned for its meticulous preparation and beautiful presentation. Finally, CNN catches up with Michelin starred chef and former Tsuji student Kenji Mitsuda, who refuses to be bound by tradition. His experimental take on classic fare gives diners at his restaurant ‘Sakurae Toyonaka’ a glimpse into what the future of Japanese cuisine may hold.

It isn’t clear at this time whether Paula will become the new permanent presenter, or if it will be a rotation.

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