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How long can Coop be quiet?

Answer: Not much longer, unless he wishes to appear weak. Piers Morgan has lambasted Anderson Cooper at every turn, and AC has remained quiet. He called Anderson a bad lead-in, and then today, he revealed he had suggested Anderson be replaced.

And a juicy tidbit about that? Jeff Zucker appears (by Piers’ tale) to have agreed Megyn Kelly would be a great fit for CNN, but that she was headed to Fox News primetime. Presumably that means she could have potentially replaced Anderson.

Unless Anderson wants to look incredibly weak, he needs to respond somehow. Piers has insulted him for a week now, and we’ve had no response for Anderson.

Time’s up, Coop… Say something! It doesn’t have to be harsh, but some response is warranted.


1 Comment on How long can Coop be quiet?

  1. Why just let Anderson be he is being incredibly strong saying nothing he does not need to say a thing, he is only weak in your eyes.

    Most people don’t give a damn what Piers Morgan says let it be and drop it.

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