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Again: Why is Chris Cuomo on CNN Tonight?

Chris Cuomo appeared last night on CNN Tonight for his (seemingly) weekly taped segment with co-hosts Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota. As I mentioned last week, this is ridiculous. Chris Cuomo is the anchor of New Day and has no business whatsoever to be on CNN Tonight talking about (and editorializing) the controversial issues of the day, or week, or whatever.

Full disclosure: I didn’t watch last night’s CNN Tonight (I mean… Homeland returns Sunday! Gotta rewatch season three to refresh my memory). However, I did watch the clip of Chris, Alisyn, and Don.


You can make the argument Chris Cuomo isn’t alone in editorializing (and that Don Lemon, and to a lesser degree, Alisyn Camerota, are as well). However, I don’t in any way see CNN Tonight as a straight newscast (in the way New Day is).

Regardless… The Cuomo appearances are pointless and contribute nothing. It’s not even live (obviously — what morning anchor wants to be in the office for the 10pm show?).

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week. Alisyn Camerota will be on the morning show for the next couple of weeks — but that doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t make a weekly appearance (along with, presumably, Chris). We’ll see.


1 Comment on Again: Why is Chris Cuomo on CNN Tonight?

  1. Watching their segment… I have to say, all three of them have good chemistry with each other.

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