Move Isha Sesay to New Day

While Kate Bolduan is enjoying her maternity leave, CNN is going to try out a variety of hosts and presumably see what sticks, a producer for the morning show told me. So far, they haven’t tried anyone new or exciting to the show (last week, Brianna Keilar and Brooke Baldwin filled in; today, Michaela Pereira anchored with Christine Romans as the news reader).

Why not mix it up completely and give Isha a shot?

It won’t be as if she’s some random hire. Isha has had a long career with the CNN family, and has had significant roles on all of their three major channels that air in the US: CNN Domestic, CNN International, and HLN. At one point in Isha’s busy career, she worked for all three simultaneously . Unfortunately, she only works for CNNI now, and anchors a thirty-minute weekday bulletin, called CNN NewsCenter (and tapes BackStory on Fridays to air on the weekends).

Give Isha a shot. She’s had numerous roles — she’s the current host of NewsCenter, she used to co-host HLN’s Evening Express, she was the AC360 Bulletin presenter. So she’s proved she can handle the fluff, the hard interviews, and change. Why not have that change occur again and move her to New York?

To be fair, there’s no guarantee she’ll mesh well with Chris Cuomo or Michaela Pereira. But you won’t know if she could be the permanent replacement for Kate Bolduan that New Day is desperately searching for if you don’t try her out during Kate’s maternity leave.

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