CNN Newsroom Live from Hong Kong ends

Quietly, CNN Newsroom Live from Hong Kong appears to have ended. The past month, Andrew Stevens has been using a flash set in Hong Kong instead of the normal HK studio. Former co-anchor Patricia Wu left the network due to a feud with Andrew.

The past two days, Andrew Stevens has been reporting for the program, but not anchoring it. On Monday morning Hong Kong time, Jonathan Mann anchored; Tuesday, Jim Clancy anchored.

In its place, CNN Today with Michael Holmes and Amara Walker will air, beginning October 19th, from CNN Center.

I reached out to a spokesperson for the Hong Kong bureau, but haven’t heard back.

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  1. After so many years, the reasons why CNN closed its CNN News Room in HK still unknown (or at least not explained) to Asian viewers. After i watchered CNN Asia morning news for over 10 years, i could’d help my curiosity to identify the possible reasons: CNN HK cannot interviewed / broadcast freely when big news like HK unbrella pro-democracy event happened. It leaded to the demise of its destiny. Political pressure from HK government and CH have forefeited its freely news functions. Andrew Stevens ws on the protection sites and was very restrained. Without freedom to broadcast, CNN HK become an empty shell. That’s why CNN Head wanted to pull back. CNN closed its HK New Room anchor Andrew Stevens (after reporting for decades) broadcasting right after pro-democracy started few days, and handed over to other Asian correspondance reporters while situation is hot and on going explained everything.

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