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Weekend Express loses an hour

HLN Weekend Express, anchored by Lynn Berry, loses an hour of its program this week. It used to run from 7a-1pET (just like Morning Express goes 6a-12pET). Now, however, the program has been cut back to four hours, going from 7-12.

The show is taped in advance anyway, but in its place are old reruns of What Would You Do?. Funnily enough, WXP used to run 7-1, and then Forensic Files aired, uninterrupted, 1p-7a. Evidently HLN wanted to throw in a few What Would You Do without hurting the Forensic Files block too much — so now, WWYD will go from noon-2pET (taking one hour of WXP and one hour of Forensic Files).


1 Comment on Weekend Express loses an hour

  1. Everytime i have turn to HLN on the weekends or overnights there seem to be running Forensic Files to bad HLN can’t add few hours of CNN International when CNN US isn’t airing news.

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