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First at CNNCommentary! I just received a tip with the full memo CNNI boss Tony Maddox sent, announcing a slew of changes.

As part of our ongoing efforts with the NewsFirst initiative, I’m pleased to share the latest enhancements to our programming schedule.

Starting Monday, September 29, Robyn Curnow takes over anchoring duties of the 10a International Desk as well as a new 30-minute version at 12p. As you know, Robyn has recently relocated from Johannesburg to Atlanta and has done a terrific job transitioning to her new role as anchor.

We are also adding Wolf at 1p, kicking off our European prime-time lineup with a good mix of international news and topical political stories. Wolf is passionate about stories of global importance and relevance, so we think it’s a good fit for CNNI.

Also starting on Monday at 12a we will rebrand all our News Updates with the new CNN News Now format. The difference between these new bulletins and the original updates is to keep an emphasis on conversational writing, and to help our viewers navigate around the network.

In addition, we’ve been hard at work developing a new Asia morning show that strikes the right balance in tone and content for audiences across Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. On Sunday, October 19 at 6p we’ll launch CNN Today anchored by Michael Holmes and Amara Walker from Atlanta. CNN Today will set the agenda for the day’s most important news, business and sport stories. And in the weeks to follow, we will launch one of the final programming planks of our NewsFirst initiative – a breakfast-hours program block for EMEA audiences. Anchored from Atlanta and showcasing our global resources and strength, this program block will cement a significant expansion of our daily live output. We’ll be sharing more details with you in the days ahead – watch this space.

Finally, I want to acknowledge what the CNNI team has already accomplished this year. In the midst of a demanding news cycle, we’ve seen the re-launch of Connect the World with Becky Anderson from Abu Dhabi and debuts of both The Business View with Nina Dos Santos and The World Right Now with Hala Gorani in London. With these further changes, our schedule will be more robust and better positioned for the months ahead.


5 Comments on CNNI programming changes

  1. Sad to see CNN Newsroom Live from Hong Kong dumped…was a great show to start the day here in the Asia/Pac.

  2. As much as I like Wolf it is hardly he is hardly “global” is this just money saving simulcasting?

    I have to say Robyn Curnow Big mistake I have watched her last few weeks makes too many errors reading the autocue and comes across as unconfident.

    Michael & Amara good pairing should be easy on the eye and both very professional.

    CNN doing this annoying “let’s change the name of our news bulletins” again!!

    World Report was fine, CNN Newsroom is fine, CNN News Now Why??

    “We have been working hard to develop an Asian morning show”…so they go and launch one from….errr….Atlanta???

    • A few things to address:

      I agree simulcasting Wolf is a bad idea. Normally, when the program is on, I would actually switch to CNNI and watch iDesk. Now, starting Monday, that won’t be possible.

      I really like Robyn. Her first week anchoring, I was disappointed and really uncertain how she would do. Since then, she has convinced me. I’m definitely looking forward to a regular timeslot of an hour and a half from her.

      CNN Newsroom isn’t changing. CNN NewsNow is what CNNI calls their news updates on the weekends (at the top of the show for taped series — during the week, they call it “world headlines.”) Starting Monday at midnight, they will call all headlines updates CNN NewsNow. So it isn’t changing the name of actual programs… It’s just the name of the live update segment.

      Yeah, I’m a little disappointed we are seeing more of CNNI Atlanta. However, Amara and Michael are great and I expect big things of them.

  3. Personally, I was annoyed with the London and Hong Kong studios taking over almost completely of the CNN International programming.

    And even more annoyed when they dropped the 00 A.M. C.E.T. simulcasting of an hour of “The Situation Room, with Wolf Blitzer”,
    in order to broadcast in Europe 2 hours of “CNN NewsRoom, live from Hong Kong”.

    I don’t have anything against Andrew Stevens, but I preffer watching the U.S. shows…

    You know, in Europe many have access on Cable only to CNN International, not CNN USA, so I think more slots with U.S. simulcasting is better.

    I do not necessarily agree with the channel’s political preferences, but I like to have access to the U.S. live programming.

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