Rachel Crane: chief innovation correspondent

Bill Weir was originally hired as CNN’s chief innovation correspondent and host. He has been with CNN since November 2013 (so almost a year), and still, he is CNN’s only on-air correspondent without a CNN.com bio (other than Alisyn Camerota, who was just hired). A brief snippet from the memo announcing his hiring…

CNN announced today that Bill Weir is joining the network as an anchor and Chief Innovation Correspondent. At a time when CNN is expanding the definition of news, the former anchor of ABC News’ Nightline will work with producers to develop original programming across the schedule. He will join CNN in November, and be based in New York.

Needless to say, Bill hasn’t filed any reports as “chief innovation correspondent.” In fact, Bill hasn’t been on CNN since sometime in April! He is, however, supposedly shooting “a big series for the fall.”

But I digress.

So who’s CNN’s new chief innovation correspondent? Answer: Rachel Crane.

A snippet of her hiring memo from April 7th…

Starting today, Rachel Crane will join CNN as the network’s newest digital correspondent where she’ll cover pop culture and innovation.

So, when did she become the chief innovation correspondent? Good question. Dunno. However, today on a CNN commercial, they were teasing a piece by “CNN’s Rachel Crane, chief innovation correspondent.”

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