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In or out, Chris Cuomo

This will be New Day anchor Chris Cuomo’s second (pointless) appearance on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota. If this sounds oddly familiar, then that’s because the trio taped a pilot. On the surface, nothing seems to have come of it. However, Chris was on CNN Tonight a week ago today (the 17th) to discuss spanking. (So a basically useless segment in the bigger scheme of things). And tonight, he’s going to be discussing with Don and Alisyn whether or not President Obama should’ve asked for Congress’s authorization. I’m not trying to belittle either issue (spanking or war), but both segments don’t need Chris’s input.

So… Jonathan Wald (the show’s EP), Jeff Zucker… Whoever. Either add Chris to the ensemble and get a new anchor on New Day (and I wouldn’t be opposed to that, as I’ve said elsewhere… Chris would be better in primetime), or quit having him come on to give his input. Especially when they’re taped segments!


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