Daily Share — Flagship of HLN

So just yesterday, I discovered that The Daily Share was, in fact, on its way… And I found its Twitter account. Today, in a Google search for the show to see if anything interesting would come up… Guess what did?

A job posting for a fall intern for the show (in New York City, no less, which is confusing). The location of the intern isn’t the most interesting part, though. (But it is a part, since the show was said to be based in Atlanta).

The job description delivers a kick in the teeth that the two flagship shows of HLN may not appreciate. Many disagree with me in saying that Morning Express with Robin Meade is the channel’s marquee (and flagship) show; others would argue it is Nancy Grace. Whichever you think the flagship program is…


The internship description calls The Daily Share “a brand new show, positioned to be the flagship of HLN.”

Stay tuned.

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