The Daily Share is on its way

As I mentioned all the way back in April, HLN had announced a block of new programming. The only one with any potential to be interesting was The Daily Share, which had been billed as a nightly news and information show. Since the Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace, and Dr. Drew programs are probably safe, I presume it will probably run either 5-6pm (the current slot of a Forensic Files block) or 9-pm (the evening beginning of Forensic Files). I had given up on waiting for this show, as I said again in the beginning of August.

But wait! Hope is not lost.

Brian McFayden, the sports anchor on Morning Express with Robin Meade, sent out a hopeful tweet:

In the picture, he took a selfie in CNN’s Studio 7 (which HLN is moving into soon)… And on the screen was The Daily Share‘s logo. Whether or not he’s hosting the show, or just a contributor, remains to be seen. If he is hosting, then it is safe to say it’ll be taped (since he is still the sports anchor on MXP, and going off the tweet, won’t be leaving the morning show). He could just be a contributor to The Daily Share, though.

Stay tuned!

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