Sunday Column

… Although senior executive producer Jim Murphy said he hadn’t put much thought into who will sub for Kate Bolduan, his time’s up. Who did he choose for week one? (Read more.)

… CNNI preempted much of its regular weekday programming Thursday afternoon (including AC360 and CNN Tonight) to cover the Scottish vote. Much of the night was anchored by Hala Gorani, Christiane Amanpour, and Max Foster, all on-scene. (Read more.)

… Despite continued reports of plagiarism, CNN remains foolishly stubborn and has kept Fareed Zakaria on the air.

… Around 9:30pET Friday, Susan Hendricks began anchoring some brief breaking news coverage (with the AC360 branding). They returned to Parts Unknown about ten minutes later. Susan did a quick update at the top of the 10p hour, followed by Death Row Stories.

… Robyn Curnow made her debut sub-anchoring BackStory, in for Isha Sesay, this weekend. (Read more.)

… George Howell (a formerly Chicago-based correspondent) appears to have moved to Atlanta, per his Twitter bio. He has been anchoring on CNNI during the weekend overnight hours as of late.

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