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CNN: Live 23 Hours

So while CNN had CNN Tonight running for two hours for a while, they have reverted to one hour. AC360 is still two hours (8-10), with a repeat in the 11pmET hour. So, what does that mean? It means that Monday through Thursday (since Friday has a special primetime schedule), CNN is live for twenty-three hours…because AC360 is being repeated at 11. (To be fair, or course, CNN is simulcasting CNNI from midnight to four am, and isn’t providing their own coverage).

The point stands, though… Why can’t Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota anchor a two hour show (like they had been), like Anderson is? Why do we need three hours of Anderson Cooper?

Has Anderson been complaining that he wasn’t getting his repeat? Why else would he be the only one to have a repeat?

Give Don and Alisyn that second hour and be live for twenty-four hours, CNN.


2 Comments on CNN: Live 23 Hours

  1. CNNi has lots of repeats so why shouldn’t CNN?

    Amanpour is shown at 7pm UK time then repeated at 10pm and they show the none news specials during the day and at weekends.

  2. Can’t get me enough of that Anderson Cooper!

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