Patricia Wu and Andrew Stevens: the feud

This is a follow-up to the story published in August about Patricia Wu leaving CNN. Within the past thirty-eight hours, I have received a tip from a well-placed source, who I have agreed to keep anonymous, with knowledge on Patricia Wu’s departure from CNN International, and her morning news program CNN Newsroom Live from Hong Kong, which she co-anchored with Andrew Stevens.

The source confidently says that her agent arranged her exit from the show. They go on to say that Patricia wanted out of the show because both she and Andrew hated the sight of each other.

Many others (primarily on CNNFan) have remarked about the obvious awkwardness between the two when they anchored together, so what this source says is very believable.

And for readers of the blog who also get CNN Domestic… This is a very Chris-and-Kate scenario, isn’t it?

5 replies

  1. It was obvious really, the chemistry was non-existent, all that fake walking towards each other at the beginning and the little digs they had between them when Andrew was sent to Kuala Lumpur and Australia during the MH370 aftermath.

    It was clear from the presentation Andrew was the main anchor and Patricia there to appeal to Asian viewers.

    To be honest they were both boring as hell and CNN will be better off without this show.

  2. Look at the photo you have used above doesn’t those facial expressions say it all, look at Andrew’s “hurry up and get this photo done” and the positioning of the arms and the gap between them, no chemistry at all. CNN obviously have issues with partnerships if New Day is anything to go by, these presenters have egos and want their own shows they can’t bear to share airtime with another large ego.

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