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… Jay Carney joined CNN and made his on-air debut Wednesday. He was hired, in the PR release, as a political commentator. All night long on AC360, however, he was repeatedly referred in the chyrons as senior political commentator. (He would be the first political commentator to be called “senior”). It’s likely that “senior” is part of his official title, because CNN’s weekend exec tweeted out a welcome to the new senior political commentator. (Read more.)

… Don Lemon is on assignment in Africa; Alisyn Camerota anchored CNN Tonight solo on Thursday.

… CNNI has been repeating Amanpour. and a thirty-minute special in the 11p ET hour this week, instead of simulcasting the second live hour of CNN Tonight (as they had been).

… HLN is preparing to move into CNN’s Studio 7, going off of Morning Express sports anchor’s tweet. (Read more.)

… As reported earlier, HLN Now: On The Case had been on hiatus for at least 8 days. On Thursday, however, the show returned (unannounced — just as it left), to its normal timeslot. (Read more.)

… Last weekend and this weekend, Pedram Javaheri anchored CNNI Newsroom. Although he is a CNNI meteorologist, he has tweeted he would like to anchor more.

… Due to breaking news coverage, Randi Kaye (who began anchoring at 3pm ET), cut into the repeat of Smerconish and continued anchoring (preempting taped coverage) until 9pm, where CNNI’s Jonathan Mann began anchoring until 10pm, when CNN went to taped shows until 1am.


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