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Sunday Column

Every Sunday, I’ll publish a column of small little tidbits that don’t warrant an article of their own, spanning week-to-week, from anything to CNN, HLN, to CNNI. If I have blogged about anything related, I’ll link to it after the tidbit.

Below, feel free to discuss anything mentioned in the column, or anything noteworthy you feel I missed.

Reliable Sources has had live bits today; taped interviews are mixed in.

… Nora Zimmett’s last broadcast at CNN was Saturday; she was the EP of both New Day Weekend and Smerconish. (Read more.)

… As mentioned earlier, New Day‘s senior executive producer told a small lie, saying they had only slight discussion as to who will sub for Kate during maternity leave. On a very related note: Alisyn Camerota announced earlier she will anchor CNN Tonight throughout September. What month is after September? Mm-hmm… October. Same month that Kate goes on maternity leave… (Read more.) & (Read more.)

… For the first time since being named host of Weekend Express, Lynn Berry now has a promo airing on HLN. (Read more.)

… Last Monday morning marked the return of the CNNI overnight team, with John Vause and Rosemary Church. John had been doing war zone reporting for CNN.

… On Friday, Isa Soares left CNN Center in Atlanta and returned to London. (Read more.)


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