Reliable Sources moves to NYC

Brian Stelter will be hosting Reliable Sources from NYC, beginning September 21st. It isn’t clear at this time whether or not the show’s production is relocating, too.

The story from Capital Playbook:

CNN is moving its Sunday morning media show ‘Reliable Sources’ from Washington to New York, host Brian Stelter told Capital. ‘It looks like September 21st will be the first show here [in New York],’ Stelter said in a brief phone interview. ‘The media world’s headquartered here, so that’s why it makes sense … So many of the guests that I want on ‘Reliable Sources’ are in New York, so it makes sense to have the show based there.’ The show is currently filmed and produced in Washington, D.C. … After the move, the show will be filmed in a fifth-floor studio in the Time Warner Center, where CNN has its New York offices. It is not clear whether production of the show will also move to New York.

He has been in NYC before for the show, so it’s no big surprise. I just hope he doesn’t use the CNNMoney set (as he has been doing when hosting Reliable Sources from NYC in the past) and gets an actual studio.

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