Zach Wolf upped at CNNPolitics

According to Fishbowl DC, after Rachel Smolkin’s first few days as executive editor of CNN Politics Digital, she has announced the promotion of Zach Wolf as managing editor of CNNPolitics Digital.

The note, as obtained by Fishbowl DC, below:


I am excited to announce that Zach Wolf will start today as managing editor of CNN Politics Digital.

As we launch an innovative new era for our political coverage, Zach brings a very special blend of talents: a keen eye for news, a deep knowledge of video journalism in both the broadcast and digital spaces, and a sophisticated understanding of the Washington bureau’s awesome news-gathering operation.

Zach will be my partner in creating smart, engaging and high-impact journalism within our new team. He also will have a key role in helping us take full advantage of the tremendous talent throughout the bureau.

In only a short time at CNN, he has impressed his colleagues with his ability to see what others sometimes miss: the smart story angles, the hidden gold nuggets or killer quotes, the direction a story is heading.

Zach and I look forward to many more announcements over the coming weeks and to sharing our vision for the future with you.

Please join me in congratulating Zach on his promotion. And a big thanks to you all for the wonderful, warm welcome you have given me during my first few days at CNN.


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