Hire Lynda Kinkade, CNN

Last weekend, Lynda Kinkade anchored parts of the late afternoon-evening CNN Newsroom, the shift anchored normally by Jonathan Mann. (And Jonathan did anchor last weekend as well — she and Jon rotated hours). Today, Lynda is anchoring the International Desk, the shift normally covered by Ralitsa Vassileva.

She’s a great anchor — very knowledgeable and she interacts well with the weather anchors and with CNN’s correspondents. Although she has said she lives in New York and is freelancing for CNNI in CNN Center, I think CNNI really needs to scoop her up. CNNI needs another weekend anchor, and it should be her.

So what if she’s in NYC? CNNI has (off the top of my head) two shows in NYC during the week: World Business Today with Maggie Lake and Quest Means Business with Richard Quest. So, why not throw in a weekend news bulletin from NYC, anchored by Lynda? CNN doesn’t use an NYC set until 3pET anyways.

So… Give her an offer she can’t refuse and hire her.

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