Robyn Curnow begins anchoring

As I reported earlier this month, Robyn Curnow was leaving CNN’s Johannesburg bureau and moving to CNN Center, where she would become an anchor for CNN International. She started anchoring yesterday on the International Desk at 10aET (which is Michael Holmes’ slot). She anchored the iDesk again today.

Although no word has been released yet on what Robyn’s anchoring role will be, I suspect that will come out very soon. There are a few vacancies that she could potentially take — the CNN Newsroom from Hong Kong slot, which airs from 6-8pET, is probably where she is destined. I don’t see her anchoring that two hour block, but when they split it up, I suspect she will get a part of it. The thirty-minute CNN Newsroom from 7-7:30aET has no permanent anchor, so it’s possible she’ll get this, but I doubt she left South Africa to come anchor thirty minutes, once a day. There is also a breakfast show supposed to debut for the Europe/Middle East/Africa CNNI audience, according to TVNewser in May. It’s possible she will anchor it.

There will be a doubling of live news programming for viewers in Europe, Middle East and Africa in the breakfast hours, to debut in late 3rd quarter 2014 from CNN Center in Atlanta.

Also making the jump from South Africa is CNNI’s new meteorologist, Derek van Dam; he has yet to appear on-air yet, however.

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