Turner to offer buyouts

The news is grim for the employees at CNN Center, and it has been said that many of the workers in Atlanta are very nervous about their futures. And as more news comes out from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it only sounds worse.

The buyout offers will go to nearly 7 percent of Turner’s 9,000 or so U.S. employees, one executive said.

About a third of the buyout offers will be at CNN. The offers are being made to all employees who are 55 or older and have a certain number of years of service with the company. Participation is voluntary, they said.

Involuntary job cuts will be made later this year, but the number will depend in part on how many employees take the buyouts, they said.

For the sake of the younger employees, hopefully the older ones bite the bullet and take the buyouts.

The article went on to have the normal talking points about Zucker not planning on relocating CNN’s headquarters.

Turner and CNN’s top leadership is largely based in New York as are many of the news network’s anchors. CNN recently moved weekday daytime talent such as Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello to Manhattan.

But CNN chief Zucker, who’s been at the helm since early 2013, said last year that Atlanta will remain the home and “backbone” of CNN.

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