Robin Meade to New Day?

Breaking news!

Sources say Morning Express anchor Robin Meade is in serious talks to make the jump from HLN to CNN, where she will become the new co-anchor of New Day. I have also been told HLN is finished and it is only a matter of which organization, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze or Vice News, buys them out.

The situation is still very fluid, and I’m not sure on any specifics at this time (such as when Robin starts, the fate of Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira, etc) – so, stay tuned!

I have reached out to both CNN and HLN for comment, and will update this post as needed.

3 replies

  1. HLN made horrible decisions. Their biggest ratings (in the millions) were big trials: Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, and Trayvon Martin. They even beat Fox News while covering those cases a few times. So logic would say, they should search for the next “big case” but instead they put fluff on the air.

    Instead of doing what was proven to get them ratings they opted for… Weight loss stories, they even had their anchors dancing, arm wrestling, and playing games on the air. It was embarrassing.

    Vinnie knew it was a sinking ship and get out quick. Smart move on his part.

    CNN should at least keep Jane Velez-Mitchell, Dr Drew, and Nancy Grace and give them a weekend show in early prime time or prime time. I could see them giving CNN a boost.

    Whether people like Nancy or not, she does have a fan base, and it would be kind of foolish to send her packing. During a big case, people do tend to come to her, she really knows her stuff when it comes to big trials.

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