Is this CNN/USA or CNNI?

If you’ve been watching the overnight CNN Newsroom simulcast, then you probably wondered if you were watching a news show on CNN…or CNN International. If you haven’t seen it this week and don’t know what I’m talking about, then let’s talk about the live bug. On CNN, the live bug is up all day long, whether the press conference is live or if they’re repeating it. It’s a misleading thing to do, but it’s something that has been ushered in during the Zucker era.

This week on the simulcast? The live bug (which both HLN and CNNI use properly) was up for the entire show, a thing that has never been done on CNNI.

Last night, CNNI was replaying the press conference SecDef Chuck Hagel conducted earlier in the day, and the live bug was up. To a normal CNNI viewer, they would think Hagel was actually speaking live.

So why do it?

Zucker and Co. probably decided if they were going to keep this CNN Newsroom simulcast going, it had to at least look similar to a CNN/USA show — and that means the irresponsible use of the live bug.

Come on, Team CNN International. Don’t be pressured by CNN to do the wrong thing.

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