Erin Burnett Outfront

You gotta give Erin Burnett credit: for a show who goes out front, that lady hasn’t left her comfy studio in some time (except, perhaps, to go to Abu Dhabi and tape a piece for Rachel Crane’s City of Tomorrow special that aired a month ago), or to switch studios, from the Communication Center to Studio 71, where she is now. But other than that? Yeah, well, she isn’t really going anywhere. Reporters are going there for her, but she’s just enjoying her anchor chair in New York.

Does it seem to bother Zucker? Nah. I mean, Erin embarrassed him totally when she refused to join New Day, so then he re-ups her and promises her a program on CNN International. Why not, right?

Look. Either quit saying, “Let’s go out front” — or, you know, go out front. She used to anchor on location, but that hasn’t happened for a while. I realize she had a baby, but she quit going “out front” before her son was born, so I really don’t think that’s it.

I mean… New Day anchor Chris Cuomo is in Ferguson, The Lead anchor Jake Tapper is, AC360 anchor Anderson Cooper is, and CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon is, too. But not Erin, whose show is “out front”. Right.

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  1. You have missed a vital point it’s her legs that are out front under that glass table which will attract many a man to her show if she was on location you wouldn’t see them, so I think Zucker knows what he is doing 😉

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