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New Day drama continues

As I mentioned earlier, The Wrap was reporting that CNN was trying to find a new cohost for Chris Cuomo on New Day, and that Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira would be off the show. Reportedly, Michaela would be moved off, or so The Wrap reports, because Chris “is insecure about her, because she is a natural on mornings.”

A source, however, who is apart of the CNN morning producing team, urges caution. They point out Michaela is thought of favorably by the viewers, so there isn’t any reason to think she may in peril on New Day. That makes sense to me; Michaela (when she’s actually on the show and not absent) is very watchable and warm. In my opinion, of the current trio, she is the best-suited to do a morning show.

Unsurprisingly, the source confirms that Kate Bolduan’s maternity leave will allow for others to try out for her spot. Nothing really new there — everyone knew that.

After I tweeted out my take on The Wrap’s report, I got numerous tweets, most of them asking why it had to be Michaela or Kate, and why it couldn’t be Chris who had to leave the show. My source’s information went along the same line, though only explaining that thus far, Chris is the natural leader of the show. The source added it’s unlikely that Chris would leave the show without a promotion. It’s worth remembering The 10 O’clock Show. Could that primetime pilot be the “promotion” to seduce Chris off the show?

Remember Alisyn Camerota? The source said that of the ladies who have been tested with Chris Cuomo (that they had seen), they felt that she was the best fit, both on-camera and off-camera.

I pressed about whether or not there was any talk of bringing HLN’s Robin Meade to CNN (a game play I’ve slowly become fond of), and their response was that there hadn’t been any mention that they were aware of.

Stay tuned. More is almost certainly on its way.


1 Comment on New Day drama continues

  1. Why not have Michaela as a solo anchor? They can have a financial reporter, meteorologist, and sports reporter as her “team.” and have the show revolve around Michaela like Morning Express does Robin? “Mornings with Michaela” has a nice ring to it, and have a regular “team” join her… but just make sure the team has good chemistry with her.

    I’m in favor of Wolf retiring and maybe Chris taking his place. I think a news/analysis show bests suits Chris. He asks good, tough questions, and would be good moderating a panel/opinion type of show.

    I think they should pair Carol Costello and John Berman.

    Kate would be good hosting a “Newsroom” type of show.

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