Bye-bye, Kate…and Michaela?!

The Wrap is reporting CNN is trying to replace Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira off of New Day. It’s not really a surprise Kate Bolduan won’t be on the show for long; everyone knows her times ticking (and I don’t mean because she’s pregnant). But the bit about Michaela being moved off the show is interesting, too.

The network’s signature morning show is plagued with bad chemistry, including reports of bickering between its hosts Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira.

Nothing new there… Also not really new:

In a move to inject new life into “New Day,” insiders told TheWrap that CNN has tested several anchor combinations with and without current host Cuomo — to see what will work.

“They have tried Chris Cuomo with every available woman,” one individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap. “And they keep trying ‘New Day’ combinations that use none of the three anchors.”

Who does the CNN staff want on the morning show? That may be the interesting part…

Internally, the staff has become angered by the testing since it revolves around Cuomo and they believe Pereira is the only part of the morning trio that works.

“The only success story on that show is Michaela Pereira, who came from a big morning job in L.A., but they keep shoving her to the 11 a.m. timeslot,” the individual said. “Chris is insecure about her, because she is a natural on mornings. It’s her career talent … so they push her aside so he looks bigger.”

A sure-sign they want Kate out:

Bolduan, who is currently pregnant, hasn’t been included in the anchor testings so far (though she co-hosted “New Day” on Thursday with John Berman, who was filling in for a vacationing Cuomo).

“That speaks for itself,” the insider said of the network’s lack of testing around Bolduan, inferring that her future with the morning show is uncertain.

I find it hard to believe nothing worked with Alisyn Camerota…

Testing is being done in other areas of the channel as well. Alisyn Camerota, a former Fox News anchor who was hired in July, has also been tested with other co-anchors. Though CNN said at the time of her hire that Camerota will contribute across CNN until her permanent role is announced, media reporters have speculated that Camerota was hired to join “New Day.” Instead, she has been co-anchoring nights at 10 p.m. with Jake Tapper and now Don Lemon.

“They hired Alisyn from Fox and tested her with everyone,” the insider said. “Nothing worked, so now they’ve thrown her in a temporary show at night with Don Lemon, who has become this weird clown.”

Does anything work for Zucker?

The morning show was supposed to be his defining achievement at CNN. He had an expensive new set built and brought in a roster of new faces including CNN Los Angeles entertainment reporter Nischelle Turner. She was moved to New York when the show first launched, and provided hourly, on-set entertainment updates. That didn’t work either, and Turner is now only seen on “New Day” if there is a major or breaking entertainment story, such as the death of Robin Williams.

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  1. Zucker moved the daytime anchors from Atlanta, where they had a huge, updated, modern looking set, to a shoe box of and outdated studio in NYC…

    He also hired all these other journalists from from network TV and Fox News (where he had to match or up their salary to get them)…

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to find NEW TALENT from various local stations, and put them in Atlanta at first to groom them? (the cost of living is low in Atlanta, you don’t have to pay them as much as NYC talent & when they grow and become popular (like Don Lemon) move them to prime time and more high-profile time slots in NYC?

    He also doesn’t seem to have a clear cut plan. They poach talent from other places (Alyison and Bill Wier) and shuffle them around too much and not give them a perm spot… Then when there are no big stories, CNN Tonight only airs M-Wed… There is no consistency. It seems very disorganized.

    Let’s not forget ZUCKER is the same one that made a fool of himself when he put Leno in prime time on NBC and the ratings tanked. He was a joke and a punch line for years after that.

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