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The ironic title of CNN Tonight aside (I mean, it’s late morning in Hong Kong), there’s real, international news going on. For four minutes during AC360, Rosemary Church anchored live coverage on CNNI about the Pope visiting South Korea, with a report from Seoul-based correspondent Paula Hancocks.

After that live bulletin, the Associated Press reported that North Korea had fired missiles into the sea, shortly before Pope Francis’ arrival. Shortly thereafter, CNN confirmed the AP’s report in a tweet. Rather than going live and preempting CNN Tonight (dealing with real US breaking news, true… but with no real international value), they simply haven’t mentioned the Pope or North Korea at all on CNN Domestic.

This is the only notice any one would get from CNN (no CNN alert sent out, no mention of it on Domestic)…


After those tweets, I was hoping CNNI would have Rosemary go live again (even if only briefly), and then return to CNN Tonight. But when she tweeted this, I realized that would not be happening:

So when Errol Barnett and Rosemary deliver the news at midnight ET, it’ll truly be breaking news (to CNN-only viewers).

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