Wolf Blitzer, Wolf Blitzer… And more

As if it isn’t enough that Wolf Blitzer is the host of the eponymous Wolf (which aired on both CNN and CNNI yesterday, and has been recently), he also hosts the Situation Room (which also has been simulcast on CNNI), Wolf Blitzer anchored the two-hour long edition of AC360 last night. Basic math tells you that means Wolf anchored for a total of five hours yesterday (Wolf = 1, Situation Room = 2, AC360 = 2).


He used to be among a list of people who subbed for Anderson Cooper; others included Soledad O’Brien, John Berman, John King, and so on. I am of the opinion John Berman would have anchored AC360 (since this year, John seems to have assumed the responsibility as chief substitute) this week, had Chris Cuomo not had time off of New Day. But either way, there’s no reason John King, Jim Sciutto, Alisyn Camerota, somebody couldn’t have filled in for Anderson instead. Having one person anchor five hours (when they’re as boring and dry as Wolf) is simply too much.

That being said: Wolf Blitzer did beat Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor at 8pm, and came in second at 9pm in the demo. But did they score so well because of Wolf? No! They scored so well because of the breaking news and people tuning in. After all, CNN also won 7pm, 8pm, 10pm, 11pm, and 12am — so it wasn’t because of Wolf they won the 8pm slot.

Moving forward, CNN… Cut down the Wolf hours and bring someone else in.

(Note: I am aware that when John Berman does Early Start, New Day, and At This Hour, like he did today, he also anchored six hours. He is, however, not old and boring)

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