If it were Christi Paul

Back in March 2013, TVNewser published a post on possible New Day anchors. The list, at the time, had been shortened considerably to the then-Situation Room (unnamed) cohost Kate Bolduan and HLN anchor Christi Paul.

Of course, as we now know, Christi was tapped (much later) as the New Day Weekend cohost. But what if she were Chris Cuomo’s cohost?

She has beauty, brains, and skill. All in all, hindsight is always twenty-twenty. Kate was a horrible choice; she did well as the humanizing element to Sit Room‘s Wolf Blitzer. But on a morning show? Not so much. While I’m sure she’s nice, she simply doesn’t have a morning personality — something Christi Paul undeniably has.

So, what would have happened if Zucker had selected Christi instead of Kate? Well… Likely they wouldn’t consistently come in third or fourth place in the demo, and there likely wouldn’t constantly be the rumors about Kate leaving New Day, about Chris hating her, or about Michaela Pereira returning to LA.

Of course (and this has never been reported), it is possible Christi turned down the offer, if she were truly offered the job. After all, I have read she doesn’t want to leave Atlanta due to her young family, and Zucker certainly wouldn’t have been willing to put his brand new morning show in CNN Center.

If only…

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