HLN’s new shows and hires

Earlier this year, it was announced (by HLN) they would be adding new shows to their lineup, including The Daily Share, which will be a nightly “news and information show”. Although it is unlikely it’ll truly be nightly, since earlier, HLN cut all of its primetime down to Monday through Thursday. At any rate… It’s a new news program that doesn’t sound like it’ll be all fluff (so not an HLN Now with Mike Galanos). At the time, no air date or host had been named. That was, however… April 10th. Since then, it’s been four months. What are they waiting for? When is this HLN rebranding going to occur?

Most of the shows they announced were completely ludicrous and had embarrassing names; The Daily Share was the only news show to be announced. The only one that may be somewhat close to it would be Chuey Martinez’s show, with the unfortunate name of Wkly M@shup with Chuey Martinez. Despite its dreadful name… It may be watchable.

That is, if they ever AIR!

These shows were part of HLN’s 2014-15 Upfront, so they do, of course, still have time to get these shows on the air. (They announced a total of twelve new shows). However, HLN is falling seriously behind in the ratings in every slot except the 6-9am time slot (where Morning Express with Robin Meade regularly comes in second and sometimes third in the demo) and the 8pm time slot (where Nancy Grace comes in second or third in the demo). Even if The Daily Share may not be completely ready for public viewing, they need to fast track it and get it on the air. The only question is: where’s it going? It’s called a “nightly program” – it could either air at 6pm or 10pm ET. If it airs at any other time in primetime, it would be to replace Jane Velez-Mitchell or Dr. Drew on Call.

So, HLN, if The Daily Share is coming, make an announcement. Name the new host. Do some hyping. Do something.

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  1. The devastation of the Headline News has started with new general manager – Rolando Santos. There first came a non half hour shows and slowly a thirty minutes news bulletins were replaced by another ones.. Just remember anchors back in the years: Bobbie Battista, Lynn Russell, Don Harrison, Bob Losure, Chuck Roberts, Charles Zewe, David Goognow, Judi Fortin, Catherine Callaway, Gordon Graham, Sochi Koto and many others of an old style of Headline News… Around the world in 30 minutes, this is Headline NEWS.

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