The Chetry Saga continues

The Kiran Chetry speculation saga continues…

As you likely know by now, I like speculation and teases (though I prefer straight-answers better). Earlier today, I wrote on her leaving CNN Center, and tweeted to Kiran, asking whether or not she was done with CNN for a while.

Her response? Well… Just the tease I need!

In some cases, you’ll still be waiting. In Kiran’s case, though… Something’s gonna happen. After all, CNNI doesn’t have multiple, changing cohosts for the same rolling block of coverage. The past two days, though, Kiran anchored for an hour starting at midnight with Errol Barnett; the remainder of the block was anchored by Errol and Natalie on the first day and Errol and Rosemary the second day.

So, stay tuned, as she said… I know I will be!

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