David Gregory to CNN?

PageSix is reporting on the possibility of NBC’s David Gregory making the hop to CNN. He was apparently seen in the CNN building on Thursday. Just about every media outlet has reported that the Meet the Press host is having problems (and likely to be replaced, even though NBC has repeatedly denied that)… and maybe he’s preparing his own exit?

One thing I found particularly interesting from the PageSix piece was this little tidbit:

Another source said CNN is “currently testing for a prime-time pilot that could be perfect for David.”

Sounds like Don Lemon’s primetime position (uncertain though it is) may be about to become even more uncertain. If another anchor is thrown into the lineup, Don may end up back on the weekend Newsroom duty. After all… Anderson Cooper isn’t going anywhere, and Erin Burnett just re-signed with CNN. And it isn’t likely CNN’s going to have a live hour at 11p (though they may!).

It’s possible that David Gregory may cohost the Ten O’clock Show with Don instead of replacing him, but that would imply Chris Cuomo would be staying on New Day… which I don’t see happening.


(via j$p)

8 thoughts on “David Gregory to CNN?

  1. Even though Gregory has been a disaster for MTP, he is still too big of a name to co-anchor the 10pm hour with anyone. I can see CNN giving him the 10pm hour (which would be a shame as Don Lemon does a very good job).

    A better scenario would involve getting rid of Cuomo on New Day but Gregory doesn’t have the personality for an A.M. show.

    I know that they just re-signed Burnett, but it is possible that Zucker will make another run at moving her to New Day (Cuomo and Bolduan have no chemistry so one of them has to go) but who knows what’s in Burnett’s contract (a guaranteed prime-time show).

    In any event, Gregory is probably peeved at all of the leaks about NBC considering going in another direction and at one point hiring a psychiatrist (sounds a bit crazy but nothing would surprise me when it comes to network news).

    1. Erin won’t be forced on New Day again. When she reupped with CNN, she was given a forthcoming CNNI show (that is supposed to have longer interviews from her show on CNN US, Outfront). So I would deem it highly unlikely Zucker will try to put her in the mornings — after all, she refused once, and as a result, there were tons of headlines. I don’t see Zucker making that mistake again.

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