Erin Burnett signed with CNN; gets CNNI show

It was no secret Erin Burnett spoiled Jeff Zucker’s morning plans (since she was supposed to be Chris Cuomo’s co-anchor, not Kate Bolduan). So, what does he do with her? Well, Alex Weprin reports she will be staying with CNN and getting an additional show on CNNI.

Burnett’s “Outfront” is a lynchpin in CNN’s plan.

The anchor just signed a new, multi-year contract earlier this summer, a deal that will keep her “Outfront” at 7 p.m. for the foreseeable future. She’ll also be getting her own show on CNN International later this year, comprised of segments from “Outfront,” mixed with exclusive and extended interview segments, among other content.

I was hoping this story would be reporting Erin was leaving CNN… Not staying.

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  1. Erin in the total package. Smart, educated, has the looks, and is non partisan but not afraid to call BS on people. I love Erin Burnett. I think she is a great interviewer, she asks tough questions, and she does her homework and knows her stuff. It’s not Erin’s show CNN needs to scrap, it’s her lead in IMO.

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